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Comic #1 - 01.02

This is the officical debut of the weekly Ponyville comic strip! ::huge, excited grin:: This is something I've had in mind for Ponyville all this time, and I'm stoked to finally be pulling all of the conjecture together into a consumable medium.

The run-down:
Simply, I will post a new comic strip every Sunday to ponyville. (I already have finished the next 4, and have ideas for the next several months). "Ponyville" features the characters I've previously posted about online - Mayor Pie, Sweetberry the Secretery, Lemon Squash, and the rest - and will follow somewhat of large-scale plot. The strips will (attempt to) be comedic; I'm not going to go all Mary Worth on you.

If you haven't yet added ponyville to your LiveJournal friends list, I suggest doing so if you wish to follow along. Although you could just as easily check back at this address every so often. :)

At this point, any post made to ponyville that IS NOT a comic will be completely "LJ cut" in an attempt to differentiate between Comic and conjecture. (I like that word. Conjecture. You can tell, because I've used it too frequently already).

PLEASE feel free to leave comment responses to any Comic (even anonymous comments for those without LJ accounts are welcome). I very much want to know what you think about a strip - what you found funny (if anything), your thoughts when first seeing it, or anything else you may have enjoyed, even the little details. This will make me happy. I will smile. I will respond back. Life will be grand.

At some point I should really make some sort of 'Characters' feature page, with a pic and brief description of each. But, at the start here, I'm simply going to let the comic itself reintroduce the main players.

How to read it:
Ponyville comics will always work first left-to-right, then top-to-bottom. Start with the first row and work your way across; then go to the second row and again work your way right.

/all that

(If you see this message several times elsewhere, I am officially advertising the story now that the real deal is under way :D I've never done that before. So bare with the cross-posting, if you could :))