Comic #40 - 40:03

Comic #40 - 40:03

long, left panel is Panel 1; the three right panels are 2, 3, and 4, descending

(This strip references the new "Breezies" set of ponies in the MLP toy line. Here's a pic via the Toys R Us website, if you haven't seen them yet).

*Comments very much appreciated! I love feedback about the overal joke and details alike! Pandas eat only bamaboo; me, comments.
sunny daze

Comic #39 - 39:03

Comic #39 - 39:03

Click the "sunny daze arch" tag to read the previous strips in this storyline.

Remember the romance movie that Sunny Daze was promoting in the last strip. ;)

I think this is visually my favorite strip so far; I'm really pleased with how it looks.

*Comments very much appreciated! I'd love to hear if you thought the joke was funny overall, but I love hearing about specific details too! Thoughts of every shape and size! I am to comments as an anteater is to ants.

Fan art!

There is sadly a comic-shaped hole in the Week of January 22nd.

However, I will attempt to plaster that hole with sightly fanart! Below are two Ponyville tribute strips created by two Ponyville readers. If I remembered how to make that heart character with my keyboard commands, I'd do so now. But if there is any doubt as to my feelings on the below, I shall make it plain: FANART EQUALS 'SQEEE'.

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If you visit Ponyville, you might catch The Eye. And Fish Liquor. That would make an effective tourism advertising campaign, lol.

Like love letters, these! Thank you both for your effort, humor, and dedication to the strip. :D

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Storyline Tags:
You may have noticed that I have started adding tags to each comic entry. Ponyville doesn't yet have a website to more effectively archive the comic, but I hope that the tag system will help better organize the past strips until then.

I've implemented two kinds of tags. One set of tags is for storylines. In the most recent survey, some of you expressed the want to see a more unified storyline in the strip. Hopefully these storyline tags will bring more cohesion to the storylines currently in progress. I've added links to these tags on the main Journal page.

If you want to read only the strips following Cotton Candy's Cafe openning, you can click the "cotton candy cafe" link.

The other set of tags is character-specific. These tags will show you any and all strips that one particular character appeared in. Those tags are located within any given comic entry.

I somehow changed the settings for this journal to screen all comments. I decided to allow anonymous (but screened) comments for the first time since the Great Trolling of '05, but I accidentally changed the settings for registered comments too. I've fixed the problem. :) Although part of me wonders if I should continue screening; yesterday's strip received more feedback than any other! It was rewarding for me, for sure. However, at this time, all comments will post directly.

Comic #38 - 38:03

Comic #38 - 38:03

38 strips and a year later, and I finally get to intro Sunny Daze! She's been referenced since comic #3, what with her posterage and all, but has never appeared out-right.

I'd really love to hear back from you with a comment, as always. :) It's as they say in the rap music world: Holla back, yung'en! (They also tell you to "lean back" now, but I find that's ill advised if you are sitting in a chair)

Comic #37 - 37:03

Comic #37 - 37:03

Specific tags to read (or re-read) to put today's strip into context: "Fat Dash".

Comments hugely appreciated on this one, including specifics, and especially about the overal joke or storyline. :) We'll have a delightful back-and-forth, like a game of cricket. That little feathery ball lobbing to and fro in an amusing jaunt. Or am I thinking of badminton? Don't answer that! Cheery-o.


Commisioned Artwork

About 2 weeks ago I solicited artwork commisions. Below are the fruits of my labor. The fruits! (This is the kinda stuff that will go on the Ponyville Website, when it is created)

(For: Flutter Valley Rescue Squad. Prompt: custom pony Spot sipping a Dr. Pepper while Baby Glory is in need of rescue in the background)

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I am still taking commision requests for anyone still or newly interested. (Each of these commisions are resized for posting. They are markably larger in source).

Commision revision; Upside-down tree

2 things: commisions, and a sketch

I have lowered the prices significantly on commisions. If you were interested in a commisioned Ponyville drawing under the deal I outlined yesterday, or if you were warded off by the inaccurately high prices I listed, have another look. :) Same time-frame, just with notably lower prices. The new prices apply to anyone I spoke with yesterday already, too. My apologies: when I last offered items, I was told by many that my prices were too low, but I'm finding that was not the case. ;)

Worry not! This is the last I will mention commisions for a time.

(If you are now interested in commisions, please respond in the previous thread, which outlines the new prices HERE

And so as to not completely spam ponyville with solicitations, a quick sketch:

(inspired by this new trend: link)
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Now accepting artwork commisions!

Like a decoder ring, Monday's feedback poll has revealed a demand for commisioned Ponyville-style artwork.

This is fortunate for me, as I have a demand myself: holiday cash. Which is in turn fortunate for you, because I am openning the floor for commisions with a quick turn-around time. ::grin::

If you would like to commision artwork from me, and can pay via Paypal in the next 2 days, I will produce your commision and e-deliver it to you before Christmas. So, like, Ponyville could even make a great stocking-stuffer. Or an inbox stuffer. /sales pitch.

As before, the artwork would be completely digital. I could produce any Ponyville character you'd like (although in situations restricted to what would be appropriate for that character), or I could produce an original character or pony that I don't use in Ponyville, your online persona for example. (I must restrict all drawings to a rating of PG or under, however. Amberlocks is as adult as I go).

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The images would be be yours to do with as you please.

::swivels overstuffed business chair in circle::

You can respond here if interested (I've screen comments), or email me at spoosh@livejournal.com, and we can hash something out! :) (Please don't respond if you aren't able to commision something for this current offer; you'll just get my hopes up, lol).
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