March 24th, 2008



Hello, Ponyville readers!

It's clear by now that I do not know what the future holds for the Ponyville comic. I don't want you to assume that this prolonged hiatus is writing on the wall, that the comic has gone the way of Roo's youth. ponyville is not yet snarling at passers-by, weilding a broom, losing its teeth.

Also clear, what's keeping me from updating is not easily circumvented. My creative energy and time has to go towards finishing school with my music degree, and a coming summer internship. (Couldn't I intern in Ponyville? But on second thought...)

As you know, I've been conflicted about whether it's best to give the comic the mercy killing that Roo never got. But I've decided that's not going to happen. I think I can figure out a way to let the comic evolve into something enjoyable and manageable.

I've discussed, with friends of mine who create comics themselves, doing an overhaul of the PV format. Perhaps a refocusing of storylines, but certainly a change to how the comic looks. It will likely get a bit sketchy (literally!), but I welcome this, and hope it won't be a jarring change for you.

I want to sincerely thank you all for sticking with Ponyville. Unless the majority of journals still watching the comic are now abandoned, many of you are still here, and I am encouraged by this!

Comic #70 - 70:05